Biden’s in and he’s on top…

So he’s in. Maybe 4 years too late, with his White House buddy impressing him to stand down for Hillary when he might have had the best chance. Everything could have been so different… But better late than never. And even before he announced he was winning. A sample of recent polls on RealClearPolitics shows him beating Bernie by 6 or seven points and everyone else by much more. In a few weeks, we’ll soon see how much of it is due to the “backup quarterback” effect. In the meantime, Joe seems to have accepted his front runner status, skipping over picayune bickering with the likes of Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Mayor Pete to go directly after Trump. I’ll let the rest of you speculate for a second as to whether that is a strategy that can be sustained for another 18 months. (Spoiler alert: it will not last).

Biden gets hungry on the trail!

In the meantime, it was hard not to applaud the planning behind the rollout of his candidacy. After the release of a video, he allowed a gaggle of reporters to “intercept him” on his way back to Delaware getting off the train and following him to a neighborhood Pizza joint where he bantered with clientele as if he’d just popped in until the shop owner revealed a special Biden 2020 pizza made for the occasion. Nevertheless, a little unplanned planning couldn’t spoil this occasion. Joe was in his element.

Honestly he’s good at this. Reminiscent of Bill Clinton in the easy rapport he has with people of all walks of life. It’s not nothing. The media, giggled in Joe “still talking” as staffers tried to usher him out. It made me remember his wandering speeches on the floor of the Senate. This were the ones I’d turn the volume on the TV in my office to hear and he never disappointed.

The rest of the afternoon was full of surrogates endorsing him. Even President Obama issued a statement giving him a shout out on his special day, which was appropriate in my view, from a friend. I did notice the other endorsers were, to say it kindly, old-school. I saw Ed Rendell, and then Carol Moseley Braun (can you say “missing campaign funds”?) and a few other similar flashes from the ’90s. A sprinkle of youth might have been nice. You would think some Obama folks could have come out…

But still, I was kind of pumped to see a real pro in the race. But of course ol’ Joe from Scranton ain’t one to ever leave well enough alone. Not even for one day of announcement bliss. Joe’s next stop: closed door fundraiser. And now we know his Achilles’ heel. I promise this is going to be a problem..