Best story this week was not the biggest or the most immediately consequential but for those who read it or saw it, it was very cool. You’ll remember that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin disclosed to Congress on Wednesday that the previously scheduled redesign of the $20 bill that would have included an image of the former slave and leader of the Underground Railroad, to mark the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the United States, has been pushed back to 2028.

If we had taken ten seconds to consider this, we would have known this was not going to happen once Trump got elected. Which actually makes me sad. That nothing it seems is sacred. That even the most symbolic gesture of sympathy or some recognition of the lasting damage done to black people in this country is too much to ask. It was a disheartening symbol of a failed promise of America to one group of its citizens.

That is, until Dano Wall, a graphic designer took it into his on hands to make a stamp that allows anyone to superimpose her image over Andrew Jackson’s. He took it back. That news provided a moment of extreme solace for me. It was an awesome idea, an apparently legal conscientious objection, to this small part of the Trump scourge. And maybe there is some tiny thing that is sacred after all.

And now, I’m thinking of other stamps I could apply. Malcolm X anyone? Muhammed Ali maybe?