Nancy, It’s time.

I was really hoping not to have to write about this. I don’t want to be writing this now. That’s why I skipped writing last week — to give the Dems a little more time. But alas, here we are, still waiting for Nancy Pelosi to hear from her imaginary friends wherever they are hiding that the time has come to hold this President and everyone else in the Executive branch accountable to the Constitution of these United States. I am pretty certain that it’s 90 percent of their job, since no significant legislation is going to pass both the House and Senate at this point.

I catch myself wondering what Republicans would be doing right now if the shoe were on the other foot. I am pretty sure waiting for some unseen external audience to give them the OK, would not be it. Not that that makes it the right thing to do to prosecute this investigation immediately.

But the reason for the delay is Democrats not wanting to repeat the mistakes Republicans did in prosecuting President Clinton for his disgusting behavior with a White House intern. The story essentially goes that the GOP overstepped the desires the public in its overzealous prosecution of what amounted to the kind of affair that happens millions of times a year in this country and they were punished for it in the following election losing their majority.

I do not disagree with that analysis.

My problem is twofold. First that Speaker Pelosi, so underestimates the ability of the American people to tell the difference between an improper affair and conduct facilitating a foreign power that successfully influenced a presidential election in this country. He was the instrument of Russia’s usurping of the ability of America to choose its leaders. In a democracy, that’s literally all we’ve got. The American people can tell the difference.

My second issue with Pelosi and the Dems? Even if they admit that the American people can tell a mountain from a molehill, they are two scared and mealymouthed to do anything about it.

And I can’t honestly tell which is worse.